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Who is Who?

Who's who - Staff List 2016/2017


Mrs N Bache           Headteacher


Miss M Hembling   Assistant Headteacher / KS1 Lead


Miss E Neame         Head of Enhanced Provision for the Hearing Impaired (EPHIC)


Mrs D Rowe                Inclusion Leader


Mrs S Parker            Learning Mentor


Miss S Read              Business Manager

Mrs S Wyer              Office Manager and PA to Headteacher

Mrs A Tumbridge    Office and Finance Administrator

Mrs A Harcourt       Office Administrator


Our teachers


Year 6                        Year 5                        Year 4                        Year 3                       

Miss A Lucking         Mr D Acquah                                               Mrs C Rose /Mrs H Driscoll

Mrs S Raddon          Mrs H Howard           Miss K Atkins           

Miss B Palmer                                                                 


Year 2                        Year 1                       Reception             Nursery

Miss M Hembling                                      Miss A Wild        Miss J Felton

Mrs S Rawlinson      Mr G Dawson          Mrs L Stanford

Mrs G Taker

Miss B Saunders                                            


Our Teachers of the Deaf

Miss E Neame                  Mrs Y Hillson

Mrs M Wood                   Miss H Collen


Mrs R Smith (Music Co-ordinator)



Mrs P Anderson                  Mrs J Gillard             Mrs J Maklouf         Mrs S Maynard

Mrs S Millham                     Mrs S Murray          Mrs E Steele

Mrs K Barrett (Enhanced Provision for the Hearing Impaired)


Our Support Staff

Mrs S Baisden                      Mrs S Jeffery                       Mrs H Pretty                                       Mrs K Read                         Mrs S Woods                        Mrs C Roffey                        

Mrs J Ewers                         Mrs K Postlethwaite

Mrs T Bird                             Mrs J Mison                        Mrs J Richardson                          Mrs B Souto                         Mrs W Morton                    

Miss M Cryer                       Mrs S Nichols                       Mrs N Hills

Mrs C Unwin                        Mrs S Steadman                 Mr B Gliddon        

Mrs D Pipe                            Ms T Venables                     Mrs L Waldron

Mr S Coe                               Mrs T Waggon                     Mrs H Scarlett

Mrs J Rowland                     Mrs A Smith                         Mrs D Spenner



Our Midday Assistants

Mrs D Tidman                      Playleader     

Mrs  N Dawson                    Mrs M Tamlyn                    

Miss S Vella                          Mrs H Tydeman

Mrs S Harrison                    Mrs J Wilkins

Miss C Wiltshire                  Mrs K Grimble

Mrs L Float                           Mrs A Luff

Mrs L Miller                         Mrs C Parker


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Coates

Mrs L Goddard

Miss G Freeman

Mrs S Cook



Mr E Bailey