Glebe Primary School

Enhanced Provision for Hearing Impaired Children

Welcome to Glebe Primary School’s

Enhanced Provision for Hearing Impaired Children’s information page.  


We are a 24 place provision which has a warm, welcoming, friendly environment; providing the opportunity for children to be taught by specialist teachers while being an integrated member of the mainstream school. 
In Glebe Primary School’s Enhanced Provision (EPHIC), we strive to meet the individual needs of each child so that they can aim high and reach their full potential.  


The EPHIC provides children, with hearing impairments of varying degrees, access to English and Mathematics in a quiet, Total Communication environment.  The teaching of these subjects follow the National Curriculum at a pace which meets the individual needs of the children.  Teaching is adapted to use the learning methods and activities which are most effective.  We strongly believe in developing the whole child so that they become strong, independent learners.  We have a fortnightly group to focus on developing the child’s deaf identity, social skills and emotional development. 

 “The enhanced provision for pupils who have hearing impairments is very effective in meeting pupils’ needs. Staff know their pupils very well and have a clear understanding of both their academic and personal needs. Teachers and teaching assistants are appropriately skilled in a range of areas, for example, in the use of sign language. Pupils thrive in the enhanced provision through a careful balance of support in mainstream classes and separate, intensive work with staff.”   

Ofsted 2017 

Glebe Primary School provides an inclusive education for all children and children who are part of the EPHIC are included in all aspects of school life.  They take an active role in their mainstream class and extra-curricular activities.  They have the opportunity to represent the school at a number of events.  Glebe pupils have a fortnightly sign language assembly which has a positive impact on children’s happiness and inclusion as well as providing a new skill for all Glebe’s pupils. 

For detailed information regarding teaching, learning, communication between school/parents/professionals and resources, please access the EPHIC Handbook and Policy below.