Glebe Primary School


French is taught through stories, songs, poems, rhymes and paintings following the objectives of the National Curriculum KS2 languages programme of study.

Each lesson builds on high-frequency grammatical structures learned in the previous lessons. Lessons provide opportunities for speaking and listening, with writing and some reading where relevant. Lessons are interactive and French is spoken as much as possible.

To shape the French lessons in Key Stage 2, we are using the MFL attainment targets designed by Sue Cave, which detail the language objectives in each year group. See below the overview of statement for KS2 or click here to see the detailed document for each year group.

Please click here for an overview of topics taught.

Le monstre a faim- The hungry monster

This is a step-by-step lesson for primary age learners of French and is for independent learning. It leads to a creative writing project of a mini-book based on the 'The very hungry caterpillar' by Eric Carle. It will revise days of the week and the plural form of nouns. It includes the teaching of phonics, grammar and dictionary skills.