Glebe Primary School


At Glebe, the Geography Curriculum develops children’s knowledge of local, national and international locations and climates. Children learn key facts and concepts alongside developing skills such as locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography, geographical skills and fieldwork throughout their time at Glebe.

  • EYFS – The world around me

  • Year 1 – Going places, Sun, sea and surf.

  • Year 2 – Artic Explorers, Australia

  • Year 3 –  Africa

  • Year 4 – Invaders and Settlers

  • Year 5 – Great Britain, Rayleigh, Egypt

  • Year 6 – Ancient Greece, Extreme Environments

Children’s geographical learning starts with the familiar and slowly builds outwards, from Rayleigh, to the UK, to Europe, Australia and Africa. Their understanding of how their local area fits into the wider world is therefore gradually acquired. Understanding of physical geography also starts with the familiar: from the seaside in Year 1 during sun, sea and surf, to mountains and volcanoes in Year 3 and rivers in Year 5. More in-depth studies allow children to develop their understanding of the interactions between physical and human geography, with units on the Egypt in Year 5 and Extreme Environments in Year 6.