Glebe Primary School

Religious Education

In RE, we follow the Essex syllabus to inform teaching and learning about world religions through a thematic approach or religion study. As with the rest of our curriculum, RE begins by focusing on what is special to our children linking this to the local community and then religions across the globe.

  • EYFS – Stories and Events

  • Year 1 – Special people, Special places, Special words and stories,

  • Year 2 – Special things in nature, Special symbols and objects, Special ways of living (religions around the world)

  • Year 3 –  Christianity, Buddhism, Places of worship in different religions, Worship in different religions

  • Year 4 – Judaism, Islam, Sacred writing in different religions.

  • Year 5 – Hinduism, Creation accounts in different religions, Sikhism.

  • Year 6 – Living without god in humanism and Buddhism, Christianity 2, Central beliefs in different religions and humanism.

We believe that RE is fundamental to personal development, cultural understanding and appreciation of diversity and underpins fundamental British values. We have close links with local churches and provide pupils with the opportunity to forge links with different groups in the local community.


Please click here to view the Essex syllabus.